Happy Easter!

When Is Easter? Decorate, Dress Up and Happy Easter!

When is Easter?

Easter does not have a fixed date. It can fall anytime between March 22 and April 25. However, It is always on a Sunday.

How is the Easter Date Decided?

Easter is called “moveable feasts”. It is the most important holiday on the Christian calendar. Easter Day is the first Sunday following the Paschal Full Moon, which is the first Full Moon of Spring, occurring on or shortly after the Equinox.

When is Easter 2019?

It is on April 21, 2019

Easter Styles That Impress

Easter has been and continues to be one of the most widely celebrated holidays across the world. Egg hunts and other special events or parties are common. Candy sales and consumption go through the roof, and many enjoy a delicious feast at home with family. Here you can find some ideas to decorate and dress up the Easter styles to impress friends and family members. Show your Easter spirit with selection of Easter costumes, decorations and accessories!

Costume for Babies and Kids

Costume for KidsCostume for Kids

Costume for Women

Costume for WomenCostume for Women

Bunny Jewelry

Bunny JewelriesBunny Jewelries

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Easter Folk Symbols

• Eggs: symbolize new life.
• Easter Bunny: recalls the hare, the Egyptian symbol of fertility.
• Lamb: said to symbolize Jesus, as it embodies purity and goodness, but also represents sacrifice.
• Easter Lily: with its sheer white petals, symbolizes purity and innocence, as well as the resurrection of Jesus.

When is Easter 2020?

It is on April 12, 2020

When is Easter 2021?

It is on April 4, 2021

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Happy Easter!

From all the staff here at Skaig, we wish you a Happy Easter and a wonderful spring time!